Empowering Young Women To Soar High

The busy and glamorous, Artina “QP Doll” Sharpton is back at it with Blackbird Fly 2013: a two-day event, located in Staten Island, New York, where females 10 to 21 years old can attend  fun and informational workshops that motivates them to not only be active and fit but discover their career path on Day 1: BB Fest. 

Blackbird Fly Workshop

Blackbird Fly Workshop

Past workshops were Zumba, Photography, Art, College Preparation, Careers in Civil Court, Careers in Entertainment, Flag Football and many more interactive events. This year we are increasing the number of facilitators; as well as, doubling the workshops. We don’t want ANYONE to miss a thing.” –QP Doll, Bbirdfly.com

Day 2 is an exquisite gala ball where by day, the ladies receive top-notch makeovers as well as their dates. By the end of the night, it’s a beautiful  memory they’ll never forget. The Blackbird Fly Ceremony ties everything together by deeply reflecting on the entire two-day event. 

Blackbird Fly Gala 2011

Um, did I mention that this spectacular event is free?

The purpose of Blackbird Fly was the reaction toward young ladies’ state of being today. Tweens and teenage girls are constantly being molded by the media. Many are growing up in not-so-safe environments which can influence the way they think and some have not been taught proper etiquette and are less respected by others. In an effort to let these ladies know that they are beautiful and worthy, Blackbird Fly was born in 2010.

Created by someone who selflessly devoted her time to invest, prepare, and make this happen, Blackbird Fly continues to reach hundreds of young women across the Northeast And with the help of activist and rapper, NYOIL, and other facilitators/sponsors, Blackbird Fly continues to soar.  

From gown fittings to location preparations, this event is fast approaching us! Blackbird Fly 2013 is April 13th and 14th.

To learn more about Blackbird Fly, are interested in becoming a sponsor, would like to donate to this cause, or would like to have a young lady attend Blackbird Fly 2013, please visit www.bbirdfly.com.  


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