A New Kind of Breakfast

I never have decent time to have breakfast in the morning so I discovered this new protein meal replacement shake that is only 110 calories, gluten and lactose free, has very low fat, and tastes great!

Evolve protein shakes are my new weight loss friend because it contains tonalin which reduces body fat. I take it with me and drink along the way I go to class. They subside your hunger for a while so no complaints. You can even use it to replace your lunch meal. Just make sure to snack on something healthy in between.

Also, water is a huge factor for my weight loss journey but sometimes I want something sweet to drink but I obviously can’t have sugar.

Similar to Mio, Dasani Drops gives your water sweet flavor without the calories and sugar. I also use Crystal Light for my sweet tooth days.
And if I ever crave for soda, I would take some already made fruit punch Crystal Light and add seltzer water. I occasionally drink diet soda but I know how harmful those are… Supposedly.


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