Could I have Reached My Weight Loss Limit?!

I’m very paranoid about gaining the weight I lost right back. I’m sure this is normal for many people who’ve sacrificed the carbs for a salad and burned so many calories at the gym they need to leave in a wheelchair. So here I am struggling to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Why is this still so hard? Laziness is too easy to slip back into.

But anyway, I have not reached the goal I want my body to be at. If you don’t know, I’m aiming to be a size 12. The lowest size that society calls Plus Size. Right now, I am a size 14 on a good day. I was a size 18/20 for years. I felt some type of way knowing that my dress size was the same number as my age. Yes, kudos to me for all the hard work and I’m still going; but at this point, some people are telling me that I’ve lost enough and I should stop.

QUE?? Now instead of me taking these comments personally I took the time to wonder why would someone tell me that. Was it because they’re scared I’m overdoing it? Whatever their reason, I’m sure it was out of love and concern.
I want to let you all know that I cheat a lot! From cookies to pizza, I can’t resist! Only this time, I know all about portion control and burn off as much as I can in the gym.

I’m not anorexic. I’m just driven to be a better and sexier me.


One response to “Could I have Reached My Weight Loss Limit?!

  1. Personally, I been there ! Every last word i can relate too. First, Dont let “Plus Size” Stop you from your goal of health. Many people would bang me on the head and say “Your going to be to skinny” or “Your going to lose all your body”. Its more so about how health you are rather then the category your in.

    Second, Strength training and lifting weight is the best !! You would true everything into muscle and then it will be easier to not gain things back.

    Third, Cheat don’t feel bad ! I cant help it myself, just cheat smart. Good luck because I haven’t been doing all that good myself!

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