The Smaller the Waist, the Larger the Dating Pool

imageWaist training, corset training, waist cinching– there are multiple names for this method I practice. I am a proof that corset training works! Don’t think that this method is only practice by women either; they make corsets and waist cinchers for men as well. I began in May with a forty-four inch waist line. Along with clean eating and regular exercise, I was able to shed inches from my midsection. If you decide to waist train too, you must live a healthy lifestyle. Corsets do not reshape your fat– it shapes your figure into a flattering hourglass look.
Why did I choose to do this? I’ve had a gut my entire life. As I got older, the more the gut grew. I came to the realization that a belly as large as mine was wasn’t cute. I knew that I needed a little more help with my diet and exercise plan. imageI saw results on the tenth day! An hourglass figure was surely coming along.
The corsets I use are not the infamous ones with the strings that dislocate your organs. They are made of flexibone which not only lengthens your midsection to slim your waist but relieves pain since it supports your spine.
“Like all Hourglass garments, the Long latex utilizes the science of compression to support long-term slimming.” -HourGlass Gang

I started off with an XL long latex corset (my shirt size was a 2X) I chose the long latex corset because the description said it was best used for pouchy bellies; which it did cover the sag (Please read the description of each corset carefully in your decision of purchasing one).
One and a half month later, I noticed the corset fit true to fit and too comfortable so I ordered a size Large, same kind of corset.
A month after that, I was ready for a medium short gym corset because my sag was a lot smaller.
I wore my corset to sleep every night; so I had it on for 8-10 hours everyday. I feel like the long latex works better than the short gym corset because it takes in everything but I must say the short gym is a lot more comfortable when you’re on the go.

Other things I did to help lose belly fat:
1. CLA Complex supplements (available at GNC)
2. L-Carnitine Supplements (available at GNC)
3. Cardio for 45 mins 4-6 times a week

Everything that I’ve recommend may not work for you. If you are on your journey to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, I wish you nothing but luck. It all begins with you, mentally determined!

Websites I went to for my corsets:
1. (Lower prices)
2. (Speedy delivery)


One response to “The Smaller the Waist, the Larger the Dating Pool

  1. hey girl I just ordered my latex corset n im ready to go but what was your meal times n meal choices n also fluids I hate drinkin water all the time

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