Beauty on a Budget: Skin Care


I am an over worked college student! I got a handful of priorities and so little time to sleep at night. I can’t believe my life is on a schedule. And being a girly-girl who works out at my college’s gym but live off campus (with no car by the way) has been annoying . Carrying a change of clothes, bag of makeup, and hair care products along with my laptop and school books is ridiculous but needed.

I notice that every time I am at school, I get baggy eyes and really dark circles. I started to care about my sleep and go to bed at 10-11pm to get those 8 hours in since naps do not exist in my schedule. Along with baggy eyes, I have had a problem with large pores and occasional break outs. I wash my face twice a day with cleanser and moisturize too but I still do not have clear skin.

Do I need to upgrade my face products? Spend more money for good results? I really was going to pay a lot to rid these dark baggy eyes– because the only reason why I wear makeup is to even my skin tone. Reading this Lovelyish post made me realize what I’m missing! I’m doing step one and step three but where’s step two?! I will purchase these Body Shop Tea Tree facial products and give you all my honest opinion after a month of its use. It’s so affordable; I must give it a try.

Care to share you beauty tips and daily regimen? Comment and do tell!


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