Single & Lonely? Online “Dating” Apps for the 20-Something-Year-Olds

When I first think of “online dating”, I thought of those infamous chat rooms I sneaked into when I was 13 and 14 years old. It was a place where hopefully young people interacted, made connections, and privately chat with whomever caught their interest. I also thought of eHarmony or– formal matchmaking websites that is meant for those who want serious relationships, with a monthly fee.  But now there are much simpler forms of online dating for my generation and it surprises me how many are signing up to meet strangers in their area.


instagramIcon_400x400People love to use this app to hook up. There are people who intentionally primp themselves up and angle the camera just right for followers to fall in love with their vanity. There are also Instagram accounts that showcase women or men of a specific preference type and from there you can BBM, Kik, Snapchat, or text them. I never knew Instagram was meant for romance…


Badoo logo

I was introduced to Badoo a couple years ago and met a lot of thirsty dudes only wanting to get it in and most likely never speak to me again. I truly hate when people do that. You used the person you slept with to just masturbate with their body. It’s a violation and disrespectful, in my opinion. But anyway, Badoo also freaked me out because it calculate the distance between me and all the people in the state I was with a Badoo account. I don’t need a crazy dude knowing that I’m 6 minutes away from him! What a violation of privacy. 

Manipulated Fate?

I’m an advocate for going out and naturally finding someone. Whether you’re at school, a bar, or just walking down the street, fate happens anywhere at its own pace. I have never trusted meeting someone I chat with on the internet, even if they’re just a friend. I’m not against this young version of online dating either (I think eHarmony and are for mature and older people… so much more formal) If I ever decide to search for a date throguh the web, I’ll make sure to video chat AND talk to them on the phone before we decide to meet; you should too. I’m just not a risk taker.

What are some dating apps you use? Would you online date?


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