Make an Impression: Advice for Young Men

The art of capturing a beautiful woman’s attention is something thousands of men haven’t mastered and I’m not sure how they can believe a disrespectful approach will woo a woman–perhaps they just don’t see it as disrespect. But honestly, approaching a woman is the best kind of flattery when done right. And in my opinion, it is usually done right by men 25 and older.

I’ve encountered stupid questions as conversation staters and a rude, “Aye come here!” And usually when I deny a guy, I get the reply of “Can we just be friends?” or “I just want to talk to you for a second” Um, not after that first impression.

I got 4 tips that can definitely leave a woman positively thinking about you after your approach:

1. Greet Her and Flash a Smile

I vaguely remember being approached with a warm smile but I have been greeted with a “Good Morning” and friendly eye contact which is a nice start.

2. Shake Her Hand, Introduce Yourself, and Ask Open-ended Questions

Some women might be weirded out by a hand shake but it will honestly leave them thinking about that professional and mature gesture; this change of approach could make you appear lame to some but have they ever been approached with respect like that before?  And make sure you show genuine interest in her life without being overwhelming so ask her open-ended questions that will lead her to give an opinion

Note: If you’re really that uncomfortable with tip #2, here’s an alternative: start off with a clever joke if you’re naturally funny; it’s a great ice breaker.

3. Compliment To Empower 

I say this because some men like to start the compliments with the most obvious and the most sexual: her lips, eyes, body shape… the outer beauty.
I’d say aim for her voice, how insightful she is, how intelligent she is, her skin tone, her likes/passion

4. Be Charming

Charisma is quite powerful– from the way you articulate your words, to a positive hand and body language, to your confidence. Having the skill to captivate anybody is an amazing one to have. Make her laugh by poking fun at yourself a bit then.

But be highly aware that a lot of women can disregard whatever you got to say, no matter how charismatic you are, just because they’re not attracted to your face, body type, or clothing style. Women judge men just as much as most men judge women on the outside.

So, I can’t guarantee anything but this approach should be more successful than what I’ve experienced. I got to hand it to most guys though; it is very intimidating to speak to a beautiful woman especially if you’re afraid of rejection but confidence and charisma gives you the ability to not care what people think of you. I can’t say be comfortable because you’re definitely putting yourself out there but remain calm and POSITIVE. That energy will bring positive outcomes.


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