Body Hair?

People argue all the time about women and their grooming preferences. “To be hairless is to be a prepubescent child” some say. I personally feel cleaner and more free when I get rid of my body hair. My body hair grows so thick, curly, and faster than the hair on my head.

When my body is hairless:

  • Touch of the skin is more sensitive
  • The area won’t hold on to any kind of odor
  • I love the breeze
  • Your skin will appear and feel smooth

But of course every woman’s preference is different

The older women in my family don’t shave from what I can tell (sleeveless shirts & hot summer days–not a pretty sight) and I don’t say anything. I guess they don’t feel like taking the time to shave or they feel more adult-like with a body full of hair. So I really don’t care if the next woman to walk in the door doesn’t shave at all. Just as long as I dont get a glimpse of her hairy pits or see a bush poking out of a bikini bottom, I’m okay.  But there has got to be some ladies out there that agree that no hair is so freeing!

I will eventually get laser hair removal or purchase the “No! No!”

One downside if you shave or use Nair is that you have to keep up with the hair growth. That 5 o’ clock shadow on your legs, bikini, and pits are the worst! Sooo prickly and unpleasant. I prefer not to wax, even though the hair will take a lot longer to grow back, because I am the ultimate cry baby. Pain and I are not friends. I even tear up when I get my brows waxed hence why I haven’t gotten them done in two years.

Care to share your grooming preferences? Do you disagree with me? Share!


One response to “Body Hair?

  1. I agree with you, I feel alot cleaner and happier about myself when shaven. Definitely not going to change my ways.. x

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