Beyonce 2013 Album– Still Not a Fan

Let me get this straight to all those who may think I’m hating: I am a supporter and fan of Beyonce but I haven’t enjoyed most songs on her albums since Crazy in Love (2003) , B’Day (2006), and I Am Sasha Fierce (2008). She had the best hits back then! It’s a personal thing– I don’t like to listen to slow R&B songs; and that’s what I feel like Beyonce (2013) mostly consist of. I’m not saying the quality of the songs are bad but out of that entire album I only like Drunk in Love and Partition due to the upbeat nature.

I feel like the only one on this earth who is a Beyonce fan yet can’t fully enjoy her music. I love music where I can get hype, energized, and move carelessly to the beat which she does but there’s not enough on the 2013 album where I want to purchase the entire thing. On a rare occasion, I would listen to a slower tempo if it was an artist such as Evanescence, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and other artists who have incredibly powerful vocals– it’s more of an admiration.

I look forward to her music in the future though. I’m still a supporter; no hate.


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