My New Organic Goodies for the Skin

For the Body

It’s so annoying how ashy my skin can be, even in hot climate. I guess my skin (and scalp) is naturally dry. Although proven to moisturize skin after a shower, I am not a fan of Dove products or its scents. Well since I’m on this organic health streak, I experimented with a Shea Moisture product for the body.

I seriously tested out Shea Moisture Organic Argan Oil & Raw Shea Butter Soap to see if I can step out of the house without applying lotion and it worked! No ashy! I believe this comes in a liquid soap form but I feel like can get more out of this in a bar since it’s quite heavy.  My skin was also smoother than usual. Great product for around $5! I may just buy the matching body lotion for extra moisture and softness. It is anti-aging after all– gotta start now in my early 20’s.

My mother uses this soap for her body and hair. She hair is very short and she has kinky coils that is of course painful to comb when it lacks moisture. She claims that it left her hair soft and manageable for most of the day. Pretty cool.

For Acne, Discoloration, and Most Skin Problems

I’ve used Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and even Ambi for almost a decade and have not experienced permanent results. Just when I was going to accept the fact that I’ll have small pimples on my forehead forever, I decided to try African Black Soap as a last resort. My mother has told me to use soap and water for my pimple problem for years but I thought she was crazy. I was like, “Why would anti-acne cleansers exist then?” *sigh* well after 9 years of using salicylic acid based masks, cleansers, and toners…. nothing has changed.

$2.99 at my local beauty supply store

Since organic stuff has been working for my body and hair, common sense made me think that the same should work for my skin. Sure enough I’m seeing results in pimple size. African Black Soap has been proven to reduce acne, dark spots, tones skin, removes dead skin, and great for removing makeup.

What is your infallible skin care regimen? Care to share? Leave a comment




4 responses to “My New Organic Goodies for the Skin

  1. Raw organic honey with a bit of lemon. Honey is an anti-bacteria substance and a mild lightener as well as lemon. It fades out my dark spots and leaves my skin acne free.

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