Developing a Green Thumb

Most people who know me know that I’m not a DIY chick. I have little patience for planting or building things. I’m even impatient when I cook dinner from scratch. However, I caught myself making different recipes for hair conditioners and co-washes for a while now and one significant ingredient I’ve wanted is aloe vera gel– a humectant enriched in fatty acids and protein. So, I decided to buy the actual plant!IMG_2893

The gel combats all the problems naturally curly hair causes: dryness, dandruff, flaky scalp; and its filmy texture gives curly hair a light and shaping hold.

“Aloe vera gel contains minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other micronutrients which may be beneficial to the hair and scalp. For many users, aloe vera makes an excellent leave-in conditioner to be used underneath applied styling products to provide extra protection for delicate tresses. It is completely water soluble, so can be used regardless of the preferred cleansing regimen.” (CurlyNikki)

A large bottle of aloe vera gel will cost around $7-$15 dollars on I figured buying the plant gives me unlimited amount of it if this plant survives.

My hair is a lot more moisturized without the greasy touch raw shea butter leaves. I’m really enjoying my natural & organic discoveries!

What organic products do you use that leaves your hair soft and moisturized?

Any tips on how to keep this little guy alive, besides sunshine and water? 


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