Do You Really Want To Be in a Long Distance Relationship?

Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. I don’t even think it’s healthy. I am jealous of ANYONE who sees my boyfriend when I’m not around because I haven’t seen him in months. My heart is actually aching. To be in long distance relationship is like you’re single but can not mingle. I’m in a long distance relationship for 8 months out of a year, which has been going on for the past 4 years (yippee… out-of-state college life). When you add that up, it equals 2 and a half years out of not seeing my boyfriend.  

I don’t recommend long distance relationships, especially if you’re in a brand new relationship. New relationships need a strong foundation: ample communication and time spent together. I’m not sure how people thrive off of online relationships– to start and remain in a relationship when you’ve never met that person in person… I personally wouldn’t go for it. 

True love is definitely what’s keeping us together. I can’t imagine the day he’ll tell me that he has to go on tour….. I believe those last almost a year.

Never Decrease The Communication

Trust me, no matter how busy you are,  find the time to video chat or call your partner everyday for at least  30 minutes. Texting and Instant messaging is not enough.

Don’t talk to each other that much? There may be a chance that one of you will have to force yourself to get over being miserable and start taking comfort in a new friend, school clubs, or doing almost anything to get your lover out of your mind. It honestly never worked out for me.

Waiting can be agonizing but most of the time, it can be worth it of both parties are faithful and focused on what they got to do to never be distant again.

Are you in or planning to be in a long distance relationship? How has it been going?


One response to “Do You Really Want To Be in a Long Distance Relationship?

  1. As someone currently in a ldr about 4 months out of the year (not as bad as your situation), I agree it definitely sucks. There are days when I question if I really want to keep dealing with this, but I always remind myself that it’s worth it. What you’re saying about communication is so true! That’s like the glue in a long distance relationship!


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