High Heels: Gorgeous, but Evil

IMG_0392 I dread going to formal events, and I usually say “no” when my friends invite me to a night club because I truly can not walk or stand high heels too long. Young women like me, I think we’re pretty rare. I don’t know that many people who suffer in 4-inch shoes the way I do. I didn’t wear them to my senior prom. As soon as the pictures were taken in front of the limousine before prom, I swapped those shimmery heels of hell for ballet shoes. Couple months later, I’m in Miami, FL, wearing heels to 18+ night clubs nearly every weekend because my new friends loved to party. I didn’t want to spend Friday nights as a college freshman alone in my dorm, eating take-out and watching TV (but it’s funny how I became comfortable doing that for the rest of my college years). These clubs strictly upheld the rules of: no du-rags, no sneakers, and for the ladies, high heels were a must; so I desperately raided a friend’s closet, grab any heel that matched my dress, and  stumbled my way from the dorm to the car, from the car to the club, internally screaming while I waited on line, and once again stumbled into the club. So humiliating!  Trust me, I will not put myself in that situation again because it taught me that not every woman is the same and I shouldn’t hold myself to any standard. Plus, now I know that “heels seem to be the excruciating symbol of patriarchal power over the “weaker” gender,” according to Elite Daily. I don’t feel less of a woman because of this, but I admit that I feel slightly  limited.

Carrie Bradshaw

Whenever I think of shoes, I think of Carrie Bradshaw. She makes walking in stilettos look like a breeze. When I was addicted to Sex and the City, I wanted nothing more than to effortlessly walk around in heels that high, but I was comparing myself to her. Never allow something or someone to convince you that you need to do a certain thing in order to be more “womanly.” Whether it’s your decision to have body hair, wear dresses, contour your face, dieting, or wear heels everyday, it’s your body and you have the right to be comfortable in it.
Does any of this sound relatable? Share your thoughts, and if you have any tips for less foot pain in heels, do tell!

♥ Josie


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