In Season Eats: Summer Edition


‘Tis the season for food trucks, outdoor wine tastings, barbecues, and succulent, water-enriched foods made from Earth itself. Happy Summer, guys!

I love that each season has a classic food theme: Fall = pumpkin spice anything, Winter foods are nothing but warm, hearty foods with root vegetables, and Spring/Summer consist of crisp, refreshing produce and satisfyingly delicious grilled meats. Not only is produce that’s in season fresher and tastier, they’re easy on your wallet.  You’re going to want to eat foods that are loaded with vitamin C because they naturally reduce the odds of you having heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. Fruits & veggies that contain a high amount of water prevents dehydration by replenishing the water you’ve lost through sweat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.30.19 PMThe list above are just a few produce that are in season right now. If you’re like me and  you aren’t a big fan of some of the things on this list, you can find dozens of recipes online or in print to incorporate the food you typically dislike into your summer diet. For instance, I really don’t like fruit unless they are blended in a smoothie, baked in a pie, or floating in my glass of sangria or wine, but I recently started adding berries to my salad and glazing tropical/citrus fruit onto grilled or baked chicken. I can’t taste the fruit as much this way, and my body still receives its benefits. If you don’t like veggies, give hidden mac n’ cheese a try. Whatever works for you.

Stay healthy, happy, and hydrated! ✨

♥ Josie



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